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Google Map Integration in Swift IOS

Google Map Integration in iOS and SDK, Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offer satellite imagery, street maps 360 degree panoramic views of streets, real- time traffic condition, and route planning for travelling by foot, car, cycle, or public transportation
Working with maps in consists of an entire programming as there are tons of things that a developer can do with them. From just presenting a location on a map to drawing a journey’s route with intermediate positions, or even exploiting a map’s possibilities in totally different approach, dealing with all these undoubtly may be a great experience that leads to superb results.
Getting Start
Step 1:- Get the latest version of Xcode
Step 2:- Install the SDK
Create a Podfile for the Google Maps SDK for IOS and use it to install the API and its dependencies:
  1. If you do not have an Xcode project yet, create one now and save it to your local machine. (If you are new to iOS development, create a Single View Application.)
  1. Create a file named Podfile in your project directory. This file defines your project’s dependencies.
  1. Edit the Podfile and add your dependencies. which includes the dependencies you need for the Google Maps SDK for iOS and Places API for iOS (optional):
  1. Add this pod in Podfile in your application
  2.            do
                       pod ‘GoogleMaps’
                       pod ‘GooglePlaces’
 6. Save the podfile
7.Open a terminal and go to the directory containing the Podfil
 8. Cd <path-to- project>
 9. Run pod install command
     Pod install
10. Close Xcode, and then open (double-click) your project’s .xcworkspace file to launch Xcode. From this time onwards, you must use the .xcworkspace file to open the project.
Step 3:- Get an API key
1.Go to the Google API Console.
2.Create or select a project.
3.Click Continue to enable the Google Maps SDK for iOS.
4. On the Credentials page, get an API key.
Note: If you have a key with iOS restrictions, you can use that key. You can use the same key with any of your iOS apps within the same project.
5. From the dialog displaying the API key, select Restrict key to set an iOS restriction on the API key.
6.In the Restrictions section, select iOS applications, then enter your app’s bundle identifier. For example: example.hellomap.
you get the bundle identifier from your project go to project then click on the project name folder then select project-> target-> general-> identity->bundle identifier -> copy your that bundle identifier then paste that identifier those restriction section
  1. Click Save.
Your new iOS-restricted API key appears in the list of API keys for your project. An API key is a string of characters, something like this:
Step 4:- Add API key in your application
Add your API key to your AppDelegate.swift
  1. Import GoogleMaps
  2. Add the following to your application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) method,
replacing YOUR_API_KEY with your API key:
GMSServices.provideAPIKey(“YOUR_API_KEY ”)
  1. if you are also using the Places API
GMSPlacesClient.provideAPIKey(“YOUR_API_KEY ”)
 Step 5:- ADD Map
Now, add or update a few methods inside your app’s default ViewController to create and initialize an instance of GMSMapView.
import UIKIT
import GoogleMaps
class GoogleMapViewController: UIViewController{
override fun loadView(){
//Mark:- Create a GMSCameraPosition there tells the map to displaying the Map
// coordinate set you want suppose Coordinate latitude -33.86, longitude – 151.20 at zoom level 10.
let camera = GMsCameraPosition.Camera(withLatitude: -33.86, longitude: 151.20, zoom: 10.0)
let mapView =, camera: camera)
// Mark:- Create a Marker in the Centre of the map you are designing
let marker = GMSMarker()
marker.position = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: -33.86, longitude: 151.20)
marker.tittle = “Sydney”
marker.snippet = “Australia” = mapView
Step 6:- Declare the URL scheme used by API
Application must be declare the URL schemes that they intend to open, by specifying the schemes in the app’s Info.plist file.
To declare the URL schemes used by the Google Maps SDK for iOS add the following lines to your Info.plist
Step 7:- Run your project
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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Swift Tips for those Getting Started

Start developing iOS Apps (Swift) is that the excellent start line for learning to make apps that runs on iPhone and iPad. Get through this set of progressive lessons as a target-hunting introduction to putting together your initial app-including the tools, major ideas, and best practices that may ease your path.
Each chapter contains a tutorial and also the abstract info you wish to complete it. The teachings hinge on one another, walking you thru a stepwise method of making an easy and Real-world iOS app.
As you create your means through the teachings and build the app, you’ll study ideas in iOS app development, gain a deeper understanding of the
Swift programing language, and inform yourself with the numerous valuable options of Xcode, Apple’s integrated development surroundings (IDE).

Since its 1.0 release in September 2014, Savvy Apps' development team has been experimenting with and using Swift in iOS projects.
Though the majority of our current projects remain in OC (Objective-C) because of the relative youth of Swift, we have started coding new projects in Swift since its 2.0 release in September 2015.

Swift Tips for Those Getting Started
Clean Up Asynchronous Code
Swift had got a neat syntax for writing off the completion functions. We had completion blocks in the Objective-C, but they were delayed in the language’s development process.

Control Access to Our Code
We should always use the appropriate access control modifier to encapsulate the code. Good encapsulation helps us to understand how pieces of code interact with each other.

Perform experiment and validation
Playground is an interactive and easy coding environment in Swift. We can also create playgrounds in order to test and validate the ideas, learn Swift and share concepts to each other.
Leave NSNumber Behind
Here the Objective-C uses the C primitives for numbers, also the Foundation Objective-C API provides the NSNumber type for boxing and unboxing the primitives as well.  We can actually add Int / Float / AnyObject values for Swift dictionaries and array.
The most common Swift type that are used instead of NSNumber:
Swift: Objective-C
Int: [NSNumber integerValue]
UInt: [NSNumber unsignedIntegerValue]
Float: [NSNumber floatValue]
Bool: [NSNumber boolValue]
Double: [NSNumber doubleValue]

To download the latest version of Xcode

-Open the App Store app on your Mac (by default it’s in the Dock).
-In the SF (search field) in the top-right corner, type Xcode and press the Return key.
-The Xcode app shows up as the first search result.
-Click Get and then click Install App.
-Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.
-Xcode is download into your Application directory.

Here in Swift we had used may update classes and methods from time to time. We need to choose the correct development methodology so that we can develop more secure and flexible application.
As the Apple CEO said, “The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena.” Its’s just the beginning for better future and technology advancement.
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